Ask Chavs: Street Fashion NYC

The Kids: ChavCity, street fashion is my favorite thing to emulate…when I was browsing through my favorite Street Fashion Blog ( I came upon this young woman, how can I imitate her look to a more summery look?





ChavCity explains: Okay Kids, listen closely. Since this is more of a winter look, we are going to tone it down to a more summer look. Hence we are going to wear a little denim, a short sleeve blouse and in order to add the same tweed jacket effect we are going to add a lighter tweed blazer with a floral print to give it a more summer look. Then add your accessories how ever you want them, I prefer a flat shoe for the summer, because you probably want to walk more around the city. And TADA! There you have a perfect emulation of this street style with a more summer appropriate look! 







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