Ask Chavs:Dazed and Confused Spread.

I’m so glad that punk hasn’t died yet, because I’m still going to dabble with it. Many designers such as Lagerfeld and Gauliter have been coming out with new lines, that seem to be punk inspired. Also they have been coming out with motorcycle helmets with the punk pazzaz! Check out the new Dazed and Confused Spread:



Jean Paul Gaultier Helmets:


Karl Lagerfeld x Les Ateliers Ruby to make helmets with the punk edge, some of them even have ipod holders!



The Kids: How Do I get this Punk look from Dazed & Confused ?


ChavCity responds: Alright kids, a lot of the punk look is DYI, this means adding studs to your leather jacket that grandpa gave you, adding rips to that shirt or jeans. But as of lately I’ve beens seeing a lot of studded jackets and ripped jeans. Let’s see what we can find! 

Dov4So here it is; 

Leather (Faux) needs to be studded and add patches :


T-shirt (needs to be ripped):


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