San Francisco: What’s poppin’?

The 2 year anniversary of San Francisco’s Indie Mart was held June 21, 2009. Don’t worry if you missed it, there will be another event on August 16, 2009. Walking through booth after booth there’s was an overwhelming amount of creativity and passion behind each booth. I thought I would be tired of seeing the same old feather on a necklace, ray ban sunglasses knock-offs and the same old DIY items, but actually it was refreshing to see some beautiful inspirational pieces. This event was from noon- 6:00pm, on a beautiful sunny day. The kids were out, the sun was shining and people were ready to shop. There were 100 vendors at this event with the best vintage, local designs, hand made designs, records, zines, skateboards, and many odds and end from here and there. The bigger vendors included; Shotwell, Nooworks, CC Riders, Coma and Cotton, Mission Skateboards, Panda and several more. There were also live bands and DJ’s which added to the beautiful atmosphere. Band’s such as; The Frail, The Red Verse & Shannon and the Clams attended. There was also local eats and drinks. Be sure to be there next time if you missed it this time around!

I took a few pictures of the event;
(Edited on a new program I got {GIMP})


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