On the Grind!

So as most of you might know, I’ve been on major grind mode lately. All my energy has been consumed in..well..being on the grind! I recently started working with NOVO magazine, which is currently a great opportunity. They are a growing magazine and have major potential, they are incorporated with the marketing company SI Design LLC. 

You can check out the blog I have been working on for them: Follow them on on the blog: http://novo-mag.blogspot.com/ & Follow them on Twitter/Facebook, as well.

novo_cover_greenI also received a new position with The Fader/Cornerstone Production as a Field Rep. for San Francisco, which is ILL!  I’m mad stoked about this position, can’t wait for it to grow into something bigger. 

***New San Francisco FARM Rep!!!***


Listens and Loves:  Music- Hip hop, rap, electronic, hardcore, punk, gypsy punk, indie rock, dance hall reggae Illustrator-  Egon Schiele, Photographer: Daikichi Amano, Fashion Designer- Rei Kawakubo, Movies- Closer, Gummo, Boondock Saints

Originally from: Of Indian decent, but lived in Zambia, London, Dubai & Canada. Canadian nationality currently in San Francisco.

Availability: currently everyday but Tuesday & Thursday from 8-3 until August 5th then following…everyday until Sept. when class schedule changes, but free every weekend and evening 

Myspace:  Use mostly twitter and facebook (twitter- twitter.com/chhavinanda, facebook: chhavinanda@hotmail.com, 

Reads:  Self Realization Fellowship, The Life of Paramhansa Yogananda,  Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs & Astrology, No one belongs here more than you, Life of Pi,  Perks of a Wallflower, To Kill a Mockingbird,  Sex, Drugs, and Cocopuffs

Last Live Show: Indian Jewelry with Psychic Ills in Oakland 
Yeah, so look out for the kid! 

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