An Artistic Direction: On the Streets

As body contortionist J-Retro (in the black) and Retro (in yellow), charmed the pavements in front of the Powell Street Bart Station downtown, crowds of tourists and locals joined me in watching their bodies adjusts in positions impossible to achieve for most people. I stopped to ask them a few questions, as I passed by. As they danced to old school hip hop and with names like Retro and J-Retro, I was surprised to hear both these young boys favorite rapper was Lil’ Wayne, I mean nothing against Wezzy, I love me some Weezy, but comon’ now,  I thought they were going to say something along the lines of Grandmaster Flash or maybe Funky Four plus One, or even Michael Jackson.  But to say the least, they entertained me, for a good minute. 


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