Old School Hip Hop VS. Punk ’77

Photos: Google/Jamel Shabazz

Old School Hip Hop:
Old Skool HIP HOP, referred to hip hop from 1979-1984 and further by influence. The image, styles and sounds of the old school were exemplified by figures like Run-D.M.C., Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, The Sugarhill Gang, The Treacherous Three, Funky Four Plus One, Fab 5 Freddy and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. This was later sent into decline with the advent of new school acts the Fat Boys and LL Cool J, with these latter acts now themselves often considered old school as we move further away in time from their initial impact. The fashion from hip hop in this time era is well marketed and sells so well.

Jamel Shabazz, a photographer New Yorkais, furrowed the streets of its city between l980 and 1989 to keep a trâce fashion and attitudes of black-American of this time. One realizes then at which point the “funky attitudes” were queens with l’ time: Name-punts, small dockers, tightened jeans, shorts of tennis with gone up socks, transparent plastic glasses, beret, ghetto blasters, attitudes of crews…



The year Punk exploded, 1977! The 77-79 UK punk era was a great time whether you were there or not and whether its better than any punk scene now or in the last 20 years who knows and who cares. Its only rock’n’roll !!!



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