What’s Poppin’: 111 Minna Show: Fresh Coast, We go HARD!

Herds of new wave hip-hop lovers, passionate music enthusiasts and drunkards passing by all congregated at 111 Minna this Friday for performances by L.A. fresh and finest artists; U-N-I, TiRON, Don Kennedy, Bossasaurs, El Prez (w/ accompaniment), Stesmatic (1st class), featuring DJ sets by DJ Franchise and hosted by BMUSE. As some of LA’s most talented united for “Fresh Coast We Go Hard” the crowd went wild and couldn’t stop moving to the beat. If you are expecting a show where you can mindlessly dance and “superman them hoes”, sorry guys this wasn’t the show for you. Although, the music is very danceable and enjoyable, there is more depth than that, there is lyrical penetration found behind the words. It wouldn’t be a San Francisco show with a little bit of hyphy now, would it? Stesmatic opened the show, with some classic hyphy tracks and more and got the crowd pumped for the next act. To take a little breather from hip-hip the three man duo, Bossasaurs shook up the audience with a little electronic beat to jive to. Next El Prez, DNEZ and the whole posy took the stage and captivated the audience with their energy and fervor. Proceeding the ever so humble emcee TiRON took over the stage and embrace the audience with his sagas of his obstructions in life midst not forgetting the joys along the way. With a plate of wit and side order of ardor, a meal that will settle in your stomach delightfully, accompanied by the talented, Aymari. Next the one and only Dom Kennedy took the stage, disappointingly the immodest rapper took the stage and performed three meager songs. Although, I did enjoy the performance, I was disgruntled with the lack of songs played. Following the now infamous independent label artists first to be on the MTV, U-N-I, enthralled the audience and they danced the night away to a collision of soul, hip hop and R&B. Yonas and Thurzday joined the audience on the floor and stole the show, being the headlining act. 



One response to “What’s Poppin’: 111 Minna Show: Fresh Coast, We go HARD!

  1. this isnt the real fresh coast movement. its some bullshit biter shit. the real fresh coast movement is them grind time niggas. this is some fake bullshit and thats on my life. okwirdz, passwurdz, lush one, illmac- thats the real fresh coast and always has been. fuck this biter shit.

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