What’s Poppin’: Fuckering around @ Bottom of the Hill

Although I missed the opening band, Strength, I heard they caused quite the riot, unfortunately I was mad late. I was pleased to catch the second act Deelay Ceelay. The fog consumed the audience and unidentifiable obscure images passed my eyes on the ongoing projections behind the dynamic drumming duo, Deelay Ceelay. Adolescents swayed from side to side and nodded their heads to the catch electronic beats and the passionate pounding of the rums. Especially would like to commend this band on their T.I. remix of “Whatever You Like”, that definitely was one of the highlights of the show for me. 

Headliner, Starfucker, soon not to be fucking stars, stole the show. The band came out to my elation in beautiful silk gowns and pearls, to play some badass electronic beats, keep in mind these are all masculine men. The crowd went insane song after song, dancing away and waving their “X’d” out hands in the air. Also really enjoyed the Cindy Lauper cover of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” , dedicated to the lead singer, Josh’s brother, whom lingered in the audience. 


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