Treasure in my asshole.

So Nika and I went to Treasure Island this past weekend. It was quite epic. We met some crazy cats on our way. Got to meet up with old friend, Jake Gonen (photographer), who had a dope head Native American Feather head piece that he made on his head, and see some crazy good music. The first day was great, we got there mad early and partook in some really dope festivities. I didn’t really take too many pictures because I was distracted and actually having a good time rather than taking pictures. The second day we got there really late because we were working a photo shoot with Religious Girls, who’s interview I am going to post up soon! One of my favorites of the Sat. night was Brazilian Girls, Dan Deacon was hilarious with his interpretive dances, Passion Pit was fun and so was MSTRKRFT. The Streets were a big disappointment I was wondering when the fuck Michael Skinner was going to shut the fuck up, he talks so much! 

DSC_3210The view from Treasure Island was surreal. Check out ma girl Nika! 

DSC_3222Murs is what it is!DSC_3227The Homie, Jake enjoying the showDSC_3238Passion Pit DSC_3242DSC_3245DSC_3239Me, enjoying our prime seats =].

DSC_3262Nika being decapitated by the aliens DSC_3267Glorious view!

DSC_3266DSC_3271Dan DeaconDSC_3284The Streets are annoying as shit!!!DSC_3300DSC_3318Jake’s beautiful headdress, again.

DSC_3321DSC_3323DSC_3326Brazilian Girls 



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