Ghost-town Gallery Show

This is one of my favorite venues in Oakland, it’s this dope old ice cream factory, but now people live there and it’s also a venue. Really sick, you should for sure check it out, if you haven’t already

Here’s some pictures from the show there and our journey. I actually got hit on my a hot mama “P”, “P” for Precious of course, she’s this umm..over sized African American woman who picked me up, literally, and told me I had an ass under my tutu, when I told her, I’m not into woman, bewildered she looked into my eyes and said, ” But it’s the new millenium, everyone is into everyone, once you go black you never go back.” I proceeded to take her number down, and moved on to my next destination. Anyway, here’s the pictures:
DSC_3531Me and Nika and pretty stoked about the R.Kelly show, watch out for the splash zone. 


2 responses to “Ghost-town Gallery Show

  1. supprised i didnt see you there, ghost town is my hood.

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