Lockin it in, Oakland Cracker.

errbody been tellin’ the kid that i be straight talkin’ mad hood on the daily. but i stay marenating most of the days, yaddamean. I mean i’m no stuey space cat, i mean i get it in, but i don’t be swifin it or anythin like that, i just be on that broccoli shit cuzzooo, you already know what it is… Oh but word though, listen, I was mad on my gig the night, straight posted at the club, you know, and this cutty muthafuka is all giggin up on the kid, gettin outa pocket, i say this bitch need a bleezy or some shit like that, but then i b checkin for his p-ride, i know this fool got paper flowin out of his asshole with da pure puruvian up his nose. Locked it in. 


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