Free Your Mind: Check out Kil Ripkin

Kil Ripkin is a Brooklyn based artist. He is a member of Coalescence with Torae, worked with infamous artists such as DJ Premier, Skyzoo, Chaudon, 9th Wonder and Kurtis Blow. Currently he is a single about called Mind Free


To me, the track is reminiscent of the griots reverting back to jazz poetry with words that have a deeper meaning behind them surpassing the emotion evoked from singing about my chain or my candy lady, not taking a direct jab at Gucci Mane or anything, I fuck with Gucci, but this is way more than just a head popper, but a thought provoker.  I believe the background song samples a Bay based musician, Goapele. Kil Ripkin is also about to leak a track of his album which will be coming out sometime this month with Khrysis, which is entitled the Question. Be sure to check it out.

-The Coalescence-Music Video Promises-
I’m also sending you the track
-Kil Ripkin-The Question, but do not leak it yet until I get back to you.
Also up and coming Chicago hip hop producer who I am working on a EP with, The Exceptionalist-Chicago hip hop and soul.
-Recent Played Shows-
-A3C Atlanta hip hop festival with Torae
-Chicago Depaul University
Recent Radio Interviews
Depaul Radio-Dj Pwelbs
UCLA Radio-DJ Jokerpace
Long Beach State Radio-The Danger Zone


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