DJ Lance Rock?

Why the fuck is DJ Lance Rock playing at Coachella. The line-up is okay, with the exception of a few people that we are just over seeing because they play at every big show, MGMT, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, Hot Chip, Matt and Kim and some bands that we used to listen to when we were driving to school in our mom’s minivans, Coheed and Cambria, really now? Portugal, the Man. Comon now. Wait, who really wants to remember the times they got broke up with senior year listening to Corrine Bailey Rae and Sia? But seriously, DJ Lance Rock? Unless the whole audience is bringing their 4 year old children or on many pyschdelics at once, this probably wasn’t a very good option. I mean I guess it’s funny. Whatever.

2 responses to “DJ Lance Rock?

  1. anything is better than fucking perry ferral djing almost every year. also any hot chip show is epic, especially their coachella gigs, i wouldnt quite put them in the played out tired section quite yet..

    • Yeah, I mean Perry Ferral is an overkill too. Uhh..I don’t know maybe I’ve just seen Hot Chip too many times, but I guess I’m stoked to see their stuff from 2009. I’ve just gotten bored of them, I think, I;m sure by their performance my comment will become irrelevant. Hopefully they can redeem themselves, to me, not that they need to.

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