Lethal Suspension: Chhavi Nanda Styling

So it’s a really long fucking story, but basically, I really wanted to do a shoot at Oak Knoll Hospital, but it was way too hard to get in. Well, me and Kayla actually climbed the barbed wire fence, I fucked up my leg a bit, but it’s so worth it if we had gotten good shots, but we didn’t really. Thank you to Baca for coming out to help me take pictures, I actually only used one of his shots though, unfortunately. But the rest I just decided to take by myself, with the help of my room mate and best friend, Anika Perkins (PAPERSLANG) . We used a disposable camera a long with a D-40, with a prime lens. Anyway, when we were lingering around Oak Knoll hospital, in Oakland, we found BONES!!! and I decided to use them in the shoot as well.

Here at the shots I chose:


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